The strength of our success comes from our remarkable support system—our people. At Courtesy Corporation, we are committed to developing our people at every level of the organization-from restaurant crew to managers. Our company's People First Philosophy of employment provides a strong foundation on which our employees can grow and prosper.


Career Path

A job with Courtesy Corporation is dynamic and fast-paced, giving you skills you will use for a lifetime.

Flexible Employment

Whether you're a student looking for your first part-time employment opportunity or someone looking for a post-retirement job, or something somewhere in between, Courtesy Corporation has the right situation for you. Earn a paycheck when it's convenient for you.

Our part-time staff includes grandparents, parents who want to coordinate their work schedule with their child's school schedule, students involved with extracurricular activities, and people who can work only mornings-or only evenings. If you're dedicated to providing great service with a friendly smile, if you're the kind of person others enjoy working with, and if you're interested in learning something new, we'd like to meet you!

career-based Employment

Unlike many companies, McDonald’s offers a career path to help employees who want to advance. It’s easier to stay on track and plan for a successful career when you know where you want to go. There are clearly defined milestones along the way. Courtesy Corporation-McDonald’s career path incorporates a world-class training program to give you the opportunity to learn all the skills you'll need to succeed!



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